17.17 Goldenhill Park18/11/17 17:17:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Crazy Daisy 8/1
Paws For Thought 12/5
Summer Knight 18/1
Savage Speedstar 10/1
Great Scot 8/5
Go Faster Stripe 13/2

5.18 Poole (RACE 8)18/11/17 17:18:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Mackrel 3/1
Bolus Kid 3/1
Slippark Saki 4/1
Meandher 7/2
Spot On Houdini 3/1
Tommys Wildrose 3/1

17.19 Hillside Park18/11/17 17:19:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Smokey Pete 5/1
Pink Ticket 13/2
Great Scot 3/1
Top Of The Pups 4/1
Waster Space 4/1
Alfie 13/2

17.20 Goldenhill Park18/11/17 17:20:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Blue Eyed Boy 11/2
Grand Old Duke 7/2
Blodwen 7/1
Wild Jasmine 9/2
The Great Waster 11/2
Mac Attack 11/4

17.22 Hillside Park18/11/17 17:22:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Leviathan 9/5
Digital Whizz 9/1
Dramatic Paws 10/3
Jordie's Boy 6/1
Easy Rider 13/2
Mothers Ruin 15/2

17.23 Goldenhill Park18/11/17 17:23:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Klondike Kid 9/5
To Infinity 4/1
Mothers Ruin 7/1
Almost Infamous 13/2
Toy Soldier 11/2
Bubble N Squeak 8/1

17.25 Hillside Park18/11/17 17:25:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Captain Cookie 10/3
Pantomime Dame 11/2
Wacky Racer 3/1
The Pink Panter 9/2
Way Out Front 13/2
Bogeyman 13/2

17.26 Goldenhill Park18/11/17 17:26:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Heavens Tipping 13/5
Career King 2/1
Capital Venture 6/1
Sliding Tackle 7/1
Rail Snail 10/1
The Emperor 8/1

5.27 Newcastle (RACE 11)18/11/17 17:27:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Target Aria 11/1
Sent Me West 5/2
Romeo Native 11/2
Blakefield Pixie 7/2
Casino Harry 6/4
Cragbrien Toby 7/2

17.28 Hillside Park18/11/17 17:28:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Squishy Fish 8/1
Dog Of War 11/4
Heavens Tipping 4/1
Rooney Toons 5/1
Holiday Dancer 6/1
Smudger 4/1

17.29 Goldenhill Park18/11/17 17:29:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Spitfire Sam 11/2
British Lion 7/1
Best In Show 9/1
Sees The Moment 11/2
Wagger 11/5
Dare Devil 10/3

17.31 Hillside Park18/11/17 17:31:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

To Infinity 7/2
Atlanta Panter 10/3
Lookmumimflying 13/2
Gin N Tonic 7/1
Wild Jasmine 4/1
Natural Talent 5/1

17.32 Goldenhill Park18/11/17 17:32:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Dudderley 7/1
Tom Thumb 11/2
Marathon Man 10/3
Magic Al 11/1
Bar King 9/1
Uncle Tom 7/4

17.34 Hillside Park18/11/17 17:34:00Win and Each-wayVirtual Racing |

Hot Rod 7/2
Dimetri 6/1
The Hustler 7/2
Shafty 15/2
Rovers Return 9/2
Earwig 7/2

5.44 Newcastle (RACE 12)18/11/17 17:44:00Win and Each-way | 290m

Target Saleena 15/8
Archaton Spark 7/2
Troy 6/1
Mollys Ronnie 7/2
Fabulous Soda 5/1
Headford Simon 11/4

5.58 Newcastle (RACE 13)18/11/17 17:58:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Some Paradise 11/2
Woodys Aurora 4/1
That Oldchestnut 7/2
Blackhouse Lady 11/4
Target Cashmere 7/2
Canny Bluebury 5/2

6.16 Newcastle (RACE 14)18/11/17 18:16:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Queenies Angey SP
Philomenas Pet SP
Hollow Shadow SP
Wraysbury Maggs SP
Till Happy SP
Marys Command SP

6.28 Central Park EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 18:28:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Suirview Addie 10/3
Wheel Of Fortune 5/1
Foxcroft 13/2
Norths Ellenmary 10/3
Rising Crusher 7/2
Makeit For Mammy 13/8

6.33 Monmore EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 18:33:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Rahina Brandy 4/1
Tuttles Tucana 7/2
Afan Jack 10/3
Westmead Jazz 10/3
Ferocious Jet 11/4
Wellpad Mike 4/1

6.39 Sunderland EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 18:39:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Champagne Rose 2/1
Millwood Susie 3/1
Coolbawn Champ 9/2
Shes Surreal 11/4
Tenerife Playa 7/2
Daras Confirmed 8/1

6.44 Central Park EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 18:44:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Hollyoak Sonny 9/4
Foxrock Ollie 7/1
Glenside Rosey 3/1
Woodcocks Champ 9/2
Kashas Lady 9/4
Yassoo Le Blanc 9/2

6.49 Monmore EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 18:49:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Rich Spirit 9/4
Droopys Logan 7/2
Bert The Flirt 5/1
Vanstones Jive 7/2
Proud Mel 7/2
Supreme Rioja 7/2

6.56 Sunderland EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 18:56:00Win and Each-way | 261m

Cheeky Bet 2/1
Blue Ciara 4/1
Steeple Rd Raffa 5/2
Ballyshannon Lad 7/2
Derryhogan Healy 10/3
Its The Law 12/1

7.00 Swindon EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:00:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Russmur Lad SP
Fennis Conor SP
Mohican Razz SP
Clonkeen Hawk SP
Westmead Fangio SP
O Leary Jodie SP

7.01 Central Park EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:01:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Hollyoak May 4/1
Black Trend 11/4
Doylos Gone 9/2
Lughill Maureen 5/1
Knockalton Zira 10/3
Droopys Praise 9/4

7.06 Monmore EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:06:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Final Aoife 4/1
Oleg 4/1
Inky Binky 9/4
Monadreen Prince 9/4
Minglers Palm 5/1
Bowlingbreno 9/2

7.11 Sunderland EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:11:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Barnagrane Lil 13/2
Dance Dolly 7/2
Burnfoot Nufnuf 11/4
Drumsna Slippy 3/1
Slatta Gibbs 5/1
Slaney Gold 2/1

7.15 Swindon EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:15:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Simpaul SP
Peggys Fred SP
Vale Eske SP
Ashway Buster SP
Uncle Todd SP
Suirview Route SP

7.16 Central Park EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 19:16:00Win and Each-way | 265m

Lughill Bee 10/3
Good Start 5/2
Hit Man 3/1
O Briens Hawk 10/3
Zenas Allrite 4/1
Portdrine Honey 5/1

7.22 Monmore EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 19:22:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Ardera Diego 7/2
Beatties Midget 7/2
Tutorial 4/1
Fairhill Mary 10/3
Headiton Vikki 3/1
Rattling King 7/2

7.22 Nottingham EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:22:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Swift Hermione SP
Brave Keano SP
Tynwald Urzula SP
Townside Viking SP
Revilo Dancer SP
Gemma Golden SP

7.25 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:25:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Pennys Snickers SP
Pimlico Michonne SP
Ballymac Hestia SP
Damsel Fly SP
Archaton Champ SP
Scolaris Son SP

7.25 Sheffield EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:25:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Peekaboo Barney SP
Doonanes Sally SP
Lightfoot Beth SP
Battyford Merlin SP
Lightfoot Ola SP
Swift Avanti SP

7.27 Sunderland EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 19:27:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Swift Adele 3/1
Sideshow Bob 7/2
Rosegarland Levi 10/3
Witton Oyster 5/2
Arksey Gent 5/1
Glasmeen Paris 4/1

7.30 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:30:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Any Lace SP
Hellroad Mitzy SP
Watchhall Winnie SP
Coolavanny Port SP
Brickhill Juice SP
Tyrur Pogba SP

7.30 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:30:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Aero Nomad SP
Highfire Falcon SP
Kettle Of Fish SP
Moneygall Lily SP
Joyful Jack SP
Isaacs Tiger SP

7.30 Peterborough EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:30:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Droopys Fin SP
Rat Run SP
Gortnagrage Suzi SP
Rahina Blake SP
Do It Legend SP
Lord John SP

7.30 Romford EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:30:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Ollys Comet SP
Kilbarry Spider SP
Crosshill Adele SP
Borwick Sleepy SP
Raceway Katie SP
Hollylake Bell SP

7.30 Swindon EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:30:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Glasheen Suzie SP
Lemming Esther SP
Laid Back Diva SP
Ballygoman Blue SP
Kilara Pirate SP
Sapphire Belle SP

7.30 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:30:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Burgess Beano 5/2
Perfect Rainbow 10/3
Feel The Heat 10/3
Moors To Come 4/1
Dunmurry Sansa 7/2
Iconic Murray 9/2

7.31 Crayford EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:31:00Win and Each-way | 540m

Goodtogohoneygar 13/2
Oakvale Ruby 3/1
Sleek Vixen 3/1
Colarhouse Peppa 4/1
Bandit Puma 4/1
Carlys Girl 2/1

7.31 Doncaster EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:31:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Esker Blake SP
Daisys Dazzler SP
Dust Too SP
Blueridge Lady SP
Eagle Rocket SP
Norths Lady SP

7.31 Hove EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:31:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Clomantagh Holly SP
Tribble Troubles SP
Ballysteen Sky SP
Quintus SP
Get On Smudge SP
Sizzlers Dream SP

7.32 Central Park EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 19:32:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Mystical Alfie 10/3
Angry Boy 7/2
Tourbo Fly 8/1
Droopys Nissan 6/1
Monroe Scolari 6/1
Baran Django 10/11

7.33 Kinsley EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:33:00Win and Each-way | 268m

Lilac Path SP
Cruz On Kane SP
Cappagh Sky SP
Ginas Act SP
Alien Meta SP
Lacken Bono SP

7.35 Harlow EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:35:00Win and Each-way | 415m

Burning Fame SP
Vicarage Blossom SP
Mount Ivy Prince SP
Active Mars SP
Cong River SP
Cappawhite SP

7.37 Monmore EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 19:37:00Win and Each-way | 630m

Rushmoor Ellie 7/2
Staff Rebel 4/1
Danzey Artemis 5/1
Swift Dodger 4/1
Skys Johnny Cool 2/1
Milgi Milgi 3/1

7.37 Nottingham EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:37:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Sandyhill Sophie SP
Riogas Girl SP
Bromwich Eske SP
Tybar Moo Moo SP
Roscoes Boycie SP
Alma Radar SP

7.39 Newcastle EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:39:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Hans Solo 7/2
Bramble Buster 10/3
Hot To Trott 11/4
Cornfield Subway 5/1
Forge Heather 11/4
Troopers Para 4/1

7.40 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:40:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Aero Breda SP
Come On Eileen SP
Fortunate King SP
Ethel SP
Pennys Temple SP
Nightinaday SP

7.40 Sheffield EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:40:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Skidroes Promise SP
Dancers Wink SP
Mid Tipp Betty SP
Metric Majestic SP
Ceridwens Rage SP
Truly A Blade SP

7.42 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:42:00Win and Each-way | 575m

Drive On Mike SP
Jaytee Dutch SP
Cosy Messi SP
Elusive Heights SP
Beara Gig SP
Paradise Morocco SP

7.43 Sunderland EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 19:43:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Vigorous Martha 10/3
Now Mcginty 13/2
Runaway Blitz 13/2
Shale Naholo 6/4
Pukka Star 11/4
Ballinakilldelta 4/1

7.44 Peterborough EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:44:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Rough Marilyn SP
Some Bunny SP
Tuftys Dougie SP
Depa Blue SP
Some Joke SP
Fairyhill Razl SP

7.45 Henlow EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:45:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Kanes Agenda SP
Roman Maggie SP
Kanes Prodigy SP
Corfu Artemis SP
Jazzli SP
Westmead Suzie SP

7.45 Romford EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:45:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Ebony Scolari SP
Lucky Ted SP
Bang On Elsie SP
Knockalton Holly SP
Tyson Jack SP
Catunda Trish SP

7.45 Swindon EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 19:45:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Hi Jack SP
Dodgers Bruno SP
Cu Sith Solo SP
Sirius Lady SP
Fermoy Enzo SP
Suirview Heidi SP

7.45 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:45:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Suirview Lizzy SP
Jura Jacaroo SP
Knockard Maestro SP
Perfect Warrior SP
Talisa SP
Ballarue Ian SP

7.46 Hove EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:46:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Suburban Sun SP
Ballantine Blaze SP
Jagersmate Jess SP
Newros Holly SP
Sporting Brian SP
Silverview Pearl SP

7.46 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:46:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Rockmount Belle SP
Aero Shadow SP
Swift Leila SP
Rossestown Storm SP
Cheerful Pam SP
Matching Charlie SP

7.47 Crayford EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:47:00Win and Each-way | 380m

Hollyhillcronody 5/1
Kelva Touch 3/1
Galtee Harry 9/2
Deran Scholar 11/4
Mystical Blue 11/4
Slowlane Flicker 7/2

7.47 Doncaster EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:47:00Win and Each-way | 483m

Samdaz Flyer SP
Romantic Rocky SP
Ballyeglish Air SP
A Definate Berry SP
Season Finale SP
Coney From Cairo SP

7.47 Kinsley EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:47:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Elmfield Pavlova SP
Honey Trap SP
Springwell Scene SP
Bizzy Katie SP
Elmfield Queen SP
Slaneyside Disco SP

7.48 Central Park EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 19:48:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Carhan Gale 3/1
Translate 6/1
Lissycasey Zico 3/1
Butts Mel 5/1
Kilara Lightning 3/1
Millroad Henry 9/4

7.49 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:49:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Leela Marina SP
Dalton Flight SP
Hypnotic Django SP
Koora Girl SP
Coverdale Ricki SP
Tagalong Serena SP

7.51 Harlow EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:51:00Win and Each-way | 238m

Tanners Amber SP
Vicaragecountess SP
Maggie Mays Star SP
Rough Reddington SP
Master Rumble SP
Vicarage Trixie SP

7.52 Nottingham EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:52:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Fred Knows Nowt SP
Carnageo SP
Haggswood Cora SP
Alfies Tybar SP
Slaneyside Agnes SP
Moneypenny SP

7.52 Poole EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 19:52:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Ide Malpas SP
Romper Stomper SP
Ide Glen SP
Spint On Tilly SP
Spot On Buick SP
Tillietwotoes SP

7.53 Monmore EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 19:53:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Ballydoyle Gate 4/1
Butts Pop 4/1
Springwood Ozzie 11/4
Monsignor Unity 4/1
Vanstones Jaytee 7/2
Image Berline 11/4

7.54 Newcastle EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:54:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Half Day Ray 7/2
Tippy Kerry 10/1
Mill Yolanda 9/4
Swift Phoebe 5/2
Express Bay 5/2
Emers Magic 5/1

7.55 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:55:00Win and Each-way | 260m

Garryglass Hugo SP
Thornfield Elf SP
Blyth Bunting SP
Masked Marvel SP
Riverside Pulse SP
Nidderdalelegacy SP

7.55 Sheffield EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:55:00Win and Each-way | 280m

No Emotion SP
Marriage Vows SP
Fancy Shades SP
Coneyforthecraic SP
Ballymac Benji SP
Lacken Berrie SP

7.57 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 19:57:00Win and Each-way | 550m

Black Eyed Peppa SP
Milldean Skip SP
Droopys Cabaye SP
Typical Ash SP
Mrs Chippy SP
Ballybough Dad SP

7.58 Sunderland EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 19:58:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Knockroe Fellow 15/2
Reagrove Marj 3/1
Millwood Jib 6/4
Boherash De Niro 13/2
Ballymac Bustup 9/4
Poolie Nathan 11/2

7.58 Peterborough EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 19:58:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Castell Buddy SP
Flemish Bond SP
Westmead Guv SP
Vickys Pearl SP
Swanson Tiny SP
Southoe May SP

8.00 Shawfield EVE (RACE 1)18/11/17 20:00:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Romeo Big Talk SP
Bluebell Bonny SP
Oneills Avenue SP
Kilcree Buddy SP
Princessario SP

8.00 Swindon EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:00:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Suirview Jaguar SP
Mash Mad Lottie SP
Sparta Diva SP
Lemming Rowe SP
Act Of God SP
Move It Out SP

8.00 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:00:00Win and Each-way | 659m

Duffry Gate Kate 6/1
Mateys Plane 11/4
Kilgraney Emma 4/1
Lads On Tour 9/4
Castledown Tess 11/4
Movie Maker 9/2

8.01 Kinsley EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:01:00Win and Each-way | 462m

A Night Out SP
Coolronan Dexter SP
Moiras Wanderer SP
Ballinakill Brae SP
Unbelievablejeff SP
Marathon Runner SP

8.01 Romford EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:01:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Toorphelim Betty SP
Saleen Riley SP
Like A Demon SP
Cyril Squirrel SP
Slaneyside Quinn SP
Risk Of Hope SP

8.02 Crayford EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:02:00Win and Each-way | 380m

Gowlane Georgie 20/1
Mystical Charlie 3/1
Razldazl Star 12/1
Kakantu 12/1
Seefin Aldo 25/1
Razldazl Raidio 1/4

8.02 Doncaster EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:02:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Rockmount Trish SP
Mill Jaxx SP
Bound SP
Steeple Rd Tina SP
Trapper Niall SP
Abbodabbo Teddy SP

8.02 Henlow EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 20:02:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Memphis Holdem SP
Grandad Peter SP
Kanes Dynasty SP
Go Back Sal SP
El Video SP
Mallogs Pluto SP

8.02 Hove EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:02:00Win and Each-way | 285m

Kilnaglory Paddy 9/2
Elanda 13/2
Summerville Kate 6/4
Pennys Tael 3/1
Postman Mac 7/2
Steeple Rd Jason 5/1

8.02 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:02:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Sellout Late SP
Oakvale Angel SP
Pennys Majora SP
Russmur Princess SP
Kiel Puma SP
Tipperary Fred SP

8.04 Central Park EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:04:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Theres Who 6/1
Coolanga Rose 7/1
Seeing You 7/2
Bling Bling Ben 10/3
Corrough Present 11/4
Ask Kitty 7/4

8.07 Harlow EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:07:00Win and Each-way | 415m

Allinmehead SP
Simons Jake SP
Blue Boca SP
Lets Go Mojo SP
Whitestar Blaze SP

8.07 Nottingham EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:07:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Droopys Comet SP
Blue Octane SP
Roscoes Meadow SP
Oakmac Sport SP
So Noble SP
Outclough Jet SP

8.07 Poole EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 20:07:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Aussi Bolt SP
Ide Forgetmenot SP
Blancos Bullet SP
Woodside Magic SP
Priceless Rover SP
Stradeen Sirocco SP

8.08 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:08:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Ballyera Conor SP
Mackee Fury SP
Cooladerry Toss SP
Copeland Bolt SP
Shogun SP
Lacken Chief SP

8.09 Monmore EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:09:00Win and Each-way | 630m

Opera Star 7/2
Uncle Magic 5/2
Aero Nasimi 9/2
Supreme Prague 7/2
Westmead Hunter 7/2
Feel No Pain 10/3

8.10 Newcastle EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:10:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Crooks Heidi 9/2
Oor Lucky 7/2
Do The Dab 5/2
Yiknaawatitis 3/1
Bloodstream 9/2
Bramble Tudor 7/2

8.10 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:10:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Standard Sweep SP
Malbay Djokovic SP
Oakvale Beauty SP
Phoenix Joanie SP
Exfoliating SP
Dorrha Gold SP

8.10 Sheffield EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:10:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Droopys Ewing SP
So Its Emily SP
Broomwell Pearl SP
Tullycanna Polly SP
Cons Rocket SP
Live King SP

8.12 Peterborough EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:12:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Ballygur Paul SP
Poolie Jenny SP
Vigorous Lola SP
Ebury Victoria SP
Tyford Bloom SP
Do It Manic SP

8.12 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:12:00Win and Each-way | 525m

Shaneboy Mercury SP
Toolmaker Obama SP
Rockybay Foley SP
Crinkill Jake SP
Kilgraney Master SP
Portmageewiseguy SP

8.14 Sunderland EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:14:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Upintheditch 3/1
Vinegarhill Joey 7/2
Siberian Skyfall 5/1
Darlo Wallsy 11/4
Pipeys Dream 11/4
Teejays Toby 9/2

8.15 Kinsley EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:15:00Win and Each-way | 268m

Power Ace SP
Farnes Fudge SP
Shedan SP
Away Amy SP
On The Fringe SP
Nellies Special SP

8.15 Swindon EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:15:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Jet Stream Flash 11/4
Abalones Girl 4/1
Lemming Lara 3/1
Magical Bailey 7/1
Toems Bonnie 3/1
Cu Sith Peann 11/4

8.15 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:15:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Vinegarhill Rock 6/1
La Fee Pois 10/3
Blackrose Benson 4/1
Head Of Dromin 10/3
Mikey Mary 5/2
Penny Seabiscuit 11/4

8.16 Shawfield EVE (RACE 2)18/11/17 20:16:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Watermill Five SP
Gortkelly Ivor SP
Bluebell Lucy SP
Bramble Captain SP
Miles Away SP

8.17 Romford EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:17:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Bellview Gypsy SP
Devon Court SP
Itsur Mistress SP
Minglers Fun SP
Whizzy Mischief SP
Aero Shell SP

8.18 Crayford EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:18:00Win and Each-way | 540m

Airmount Panther 7/1
Shaneboy Bowie 2/1
Between Thelines 4/1
Whistling Mall 11/4
Droopys Nilla 6/1
Whats Da Chances 13/2

8.18 Doncaster EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:18:00Win and Each-way | 275m

Sunshine Sally SP
Shatanis Lady SP
Lets Go Smiley SP
Perfectly Timed SP
Shaneboy Messi SP
Kilara Cascade SP

8.18 Hove EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:18:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Maireads Twirl SP
Tailteann Pearl SP
Killeacle Rizzo SP
Dream Cross SP
Dees Betty SP
Gremlins Glory SP

8.18 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:18:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Castell Don SP
Ballymac Pace SP
Dundrod Hero SP
Cefn Carys SP
Suirview Betty SP
Bansha Palladio SP

8.19 Central Park EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 20:19:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Savana Rita 7/2
Galtymoore Maria 7/2
Cloheena Pablo 7/2
Oneco Tommy 7/2
New Order 4/1
Shoemakers Tom 11/4

8.19 Henlow EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:19:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Monroe Shunter SP
Shancol Guru SP
Savana Breeze SP
Corfu Hermes SP
Esker Furi SP

8.22 Nottingham EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:22:00Win and Each-way | 305m

Whiteys Impact SP
Sunset Olympian SP
Kilkenny Tir SP
Salacres Ussain SP
Bradleys Mcqueen SP
Caribbean Dream SP

8.22 Poole EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:22:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Thurlesbeg Dawn 10/3
Cunning Joker 3/1
Coolykereen Bird 6/4
Split The Sop 7/2
Guinness Five 4/1

8.23 Harlow EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:23:00Win and Each-way | 238m

Roardtown Queen SP
Conares SP
Lann Tosh SP
Esker Dallas SP
Miss Foxy Lady SP
Bellinter Basil SP

8.24 Monmore EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 20:24:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Crackaway Storm 6/1
Manic Joker 7/2
Sneezys Kerry 13/8
Kinsale Brandy 5/1
Tullymurry Toast 7/2
Fairhill Jamesie 10/3

8.25 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:25:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Twentytimestwice SP
Tailteann Fire SP
Pennys Una SP
Nidderdale Echos SP
Jessicas Beauty SP
September Song SP

8.25 Sheffield EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:25:00Win and Each-way | 280m

Susies Stella 9/4
Demesne Recruit 6/1
Lightfoot Scolar 9/4
Daboybrian 6/1
Anfield Molly 5/1
Coney Cassius 5/2

8.26 Newcastle EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:26:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Masters Mate 7/4
Emers Ace 13/8
Eastern Impact 5/1
Phoenix Nidge 9/2
Swift Andre 9/2
Tartan Monkey 10/1

8.26 Peterborough EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:26:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Fenbay Rocket SP
Gentleman Jim SP
Vigorous Franky SP
Vintage Model SP
Ballglen Tina SP

8.27 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:27:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Lumina Minx SP
Dixies Wish SP
Cheyanne Gift SP
Willmount Maddy SP
Lismadine Aero SP
So Its Time SP

8.27 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:27:00Win and Each-way | 525m

Ballyloughan Ivy SP
Bull Run Ballad SP
Jaytee Ruby SP
Ballymac Meena SP
Riverside Bubble SP
Mystical Moll SP

8.29 Kinsley EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:29:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Reduce Speed SP
Generous Gift SP
Streetwise Lily SP
Elite Fran SP
Killieford Kite SP
Gort Grannagh SP

8.29 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:29:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Global Relief SP
Quivers Trumps SP
Gower Teejay SP
Thatwontme SP
Suirview Bella SP
Gottabe Bonnie SP

8.30 Swindon EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:30:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Mohican Kingsley SP
Calzaghe Penny SP
Ilewin Onginn SP
Odhrans Hawk SP
Mohican Diva SP
Bishops Collar SP

8.30 Towcester EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:30:00Win and Each-way | 906m

Millroad Smokey 5/1
Droopys Zone 18/1
Cooladerry Lid 13/2
Hedsor Misty 5/1
Diesel Pixie 14/1
Shellam Delano 4/7

8.31 Sunderland EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 20:31:00Win and Each-way | 450m

What Is Real 3/1
Imperial King 3/1
Farnes Fag 11/4
Amys Thought 5/1
Cu Sith Clash 4/1
Ballyshannon One 7/2

8.32 Romford EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:32:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Powerful Girl 3/1
Mooncoin Matthew 9/4
Droopys Wispa 11/2
Vics Apollo 10/3
Our Olivia May 5/2
Corrin Christy 7/1

8.32 Shawfield EVE (RACE 3)18/11/17 20:32:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Fuil Fiain SP
Scullys Emid SP
Macaroon Dazzle SP
Willy Boy SP
Move Over Gemma SP

8.34 Crayford EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:34:00Win and Each-way | 380m

Troubleinabubble 3/1
Solo Uno 9/2
Micky The Cheese 9/4
Rogue Assassin 10/1
Whats Susan Upto 9/4
Gem Master 4/1

8.34 Doncaster EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:34:00Win and Each-way | 483m

Megs Berry SP
Stop Fussing SP
Hee Haws Mazy SP
Legends Lady SP
Redstone Herrera SP
Huarache Eden SP

8.34 Hove EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:34:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Flaming Mission SP
Jonaleens Mate SP
Guinness Rover SP
Dinner Bella SP
Skywalker Tara SP
Hearditallbefore SP

8.34 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:34:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Longacres Puma SP
Swift Alba SP
Glenpadden Steel SP
Holycross Avril SP
Drumurrer Rumble SP
Huarache Ibiza SP

8.36 Central Park EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 20:36:00Win and Each-way | 642m

Blacklabel Vicky 4/1
Slippery Bert 6/1
Catunda Peter 9/2
Ravefield Molly 6/5
Viserion 3/1
Droopys Mermaid 13/2

8.36 Henlow EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:36:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Active Romeo SP
Westmead Alexia SP
Sonic Safari SP
Camerons Indalo SP
Ferneys Spark SP

8.37 Nottingham EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:37:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Blackies Perl 7/2
Farran Sexton 4/1
Elegant Pixie 9/2
Sporting Eryn 11/4
Laganore Dazl 4/1
Baggie Jake 5/2

8.37 Poole EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:37:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Anfield Peg SP
Ide Iced SP
Ashwood Trish SP
Loads Of Toe SP
Stradeen La Diva SP
Crested Annie SP

8.39 Harlow EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:39:00Win and Each-way | 415m

Letsgo Bullet SP
Clonlusk George SP
Vicarage Bloom SP
Jaytee Typhoon SP
Swift Casey SP

8.40 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:40:00Win and Each-way | 260m

Thangool SP
Slaneyside Looby SP
Polar Jack SP
Roost Don SP
Polar Express SP
Ballymac Opal SP

8.40 Peterborough EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:40:00Win and Each-way | 250m

Ciaras Master SP
Four Elms SP
Ardera Hulk SP
Beck Row Sable SP
Burnpark Trump SP
Hillarys Call SP

8.40 Sheffield EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:40:00Win and Each-way | 500m

El Nerja 4/1
Coney Cactus 5/2
Beautiful Chick 7/2
Debbycot Roy 7/2
Zebady 11/4
Liberty Law 5/1

8.41 Monmore EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 20:41:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Oneco Floridian 7/2
Droopys Iggy 7/2
Dhustone Charlie 9/4
Romeo Resolution 9/4
Supreme Roxy 6/1
Ardera Brexit 5/1

8.42 Newcastle EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:42:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Killieford Holly 5/1
Clomantagh Pedro 7/1
Shellam Steph 13/8
Newinn Pride 5/2
Mustang Fling 5/1
Montys Angels 10/3

8.42 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:42:00Win and Each-way | 525m

Newinn Trump SP
Ballymac Twitter SP
Pennylane Masara SP
Chespirito SP
Cash Is King SP
Magical Panther SP

8.43 Kinsley EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:43:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Honey Bella SP
Elmfield Indigo SP
Longrange Glen SP
Interior Style SP
Ay Up Kate SP
Droopys Asia SP

8.43 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:43:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Araglen Blue SP
Luminous Pink SP
Hartwood Poppy SP
Fredthechauffeur SP
Black Iron SP
Dunham Wiggins SP

8.45 Swindon EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 20:45:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Aero Stealth SP
Corley Park SP
My Mary SP
Cu Sith Seud SP
Rising Messi SP
Feora Fiadh SP

8.46 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:46:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Act Quickly SP
Dashing Demi SP
Shinetimescolari SP
Mineola Mary SP
Blackabbey Gorm SP
Cartroc Slyde SP

8.47 Sunderland EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 20:47:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Ballysax Enda 3/1
Darlo Lulubelle 6/4
Galtee Dodger 4/1
Magical Louie 5/2
Ryecroft Chris 13/2
Travies Nut 10/1

8.48 Romford EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:48:00Win and Each-way | 575m

Underground Fox 6/1
Chips And Gravy 11/4
Dudleys Ruby 9/4
Newlawn Donal 6/1
Sorceress 3/1
Esthers Girl 3/1

8.49 Shawfield EVE (RACE 4)18/11/17 20:49:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Coloured Pink SP
On The Galtees SP
Saratov SP
Grove Lodge SP
Brigton Blackie SP

8.50 Crayford EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:50:00Win and Each-way | 714m

Fenview Rosie 4/1
Maireads Ivy 5/2
Mayshighlandreel 11/4
Gotoon Sophie 6/1
Ballybee Charlie 7/1
Glenbeg Val 9/2

8.50 Doncaster EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:50:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Mill Foggy SP
Luttons Lachlan SP
No Bonus SP
Unique Mind SP
Terrys Boy SP
Hot Head Harry SP

8.50 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:50:00Win and Each-way | 275m

Farranrory Eric 7/2
Holdem Pepe 3/1
Tyrap Lee 4/1
Sputnik Gavin 11/2
Knockard James 11/4
Coolavanny Coco 11/4

8.51 Hove EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:51:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Drive The Bend SP
Oneco Go SP
Babyface Owen SP
Carrowkeal Monty SP
Shed End Chelsea SP
Broadway Ghost SP

8.52 Central Park EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 20:52:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Chantilli Race 4/1
Daylens Rocket 9/2
Killuran Rose 10/3
Unchartered 5/2
Galeforce Shadow 4/1
Uncle Time 11/4

8.52 Nottingham EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:52:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Proper Primrose SP
Donour Barry SP
Bluereef Abbie SP
Salacres Jazz SP
Slaneyside Dior SP
Kirkfields Minty SP

8.52 Poole EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:52:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Spoton Goldfinch SP
Sarum Ellie SP
Instant Replay SP
Loggies Brandy SP
Cornish Bugatti SP
Swift Eliza SP

8.53 Henlow EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 20:53:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Velocity Lady SP
Classical Jack SP
Westpoint Dan SP
Galtymoore Dolly SP
Corfu Ikarus SP

8.53 Peterborough EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:53:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Scruffs Gypsy SP
Roseville Lucky SP
Moanduff Lass SP
Quality Song SP
Bernies Bolt SP

8.55 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:55:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Sherkin Sky SP
Dallam Me Daddy SP
Smash Break SP
Drumcrow Sooty SP
Mooncoin Turbo SP
Joannes Jet SP

8.55 Harlow EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:55:00Win and Each-way | 415m

Kilgowan Zak SP
Wachovia Pocket SP
Class Hi Blaze SP
Adamant Bran SP
Wassname SP

8.55 Sheffield EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:55:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Swift Lohan SP
Swift Bruno SP
Slaneyside Kirby SP
Droopys Sirius SP
Piemans Express SP
Jaydee SP

8.57 Monmore EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 20:57:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Stellas Veekayee 5/2
Barrack Jamie 7/2
Borna Torpedo 4/1
Droopys Orange 4/1
Clonleigh Prayer 5/1
Maxitout 5/2

8.57 Kinsley EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:57:00Win and Each-way | 268m

Lemming Jade 11/4
Wirehead 6/1
Coyalee 9/4
Hell Riser 9/4
Chatham Gale 4/1
Southern Logan 13/2

8.57 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:57:00Win and Each-way | 850m

Ballykett Beauty SP
Droopys Smasher SP
Crackling Pearl SP
Old Fort Miami SP
Sporting Victor SP
Jaytee Patriot SP

8.57 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 20:57:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Native Slave 7/2
Steelyard Dom 5/2
Final Point 5/2
Exiles Gift 9/4
Merchant Navy 4/1

8.58 Newcastle EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 20:58:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Margarets Spirit 9/4
Give It Road 2/1
Wraysbury Toon 6/1
Mill Reem 3/1
Sunoak Freya 6/1
Canny Act 9/2

9.00 Swindon EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:00:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Lissatouk Honey SP
Dodgers Charlie SP
Woe Boy SP
Bowline Galaxy SP
Cash Me In SP
O Leary Diamond SP

9.02 Sunderland EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:02:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Dudleys Fun 4/1
Colarhouse Coco 4/1
Morgans Dinozzo 5/2
Cassies Lass 4/1
Check In Charlie 10/3
Biddies Field 10/3

9.04 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 21:04:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Kanturk Warrior SP
Gabbys Delilah SP
Calzaghe Cymru SP
Emilys Boss SP
Cash Out SP
Big Virginian SP

9.04 Romford EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:04:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Score On Thefour SP
Underground Mags SP
Scotts Joey SP
To Tone Star SP
Flowers Of May SP
Dunbar Jim SP

9.05 Shawfield EVE (RACE 5)18/11/17 21:05:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Queensland Mikey SP
Lightfoot Carla SP
Wee Bell SP
Exchange Six SP
Killieford Jade SP

9.06 Crayford EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:06:00Win and Each-way | 380m

Trumpers Gemma 2/1
Beckies Annie 11/2
Islay Tommy 11/2
Frodo Jaxxon 11/4
Movilla Mel 4/1
Newlawn Conor 11/4

9.06 Doncaster EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:06:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Kilbarry Ace SP
Mustang Debbie SP
Jen Jens Hope SP
Pick Pocket SP
Motor Bar Luck SP
Ballymac Curragh SP

9.06 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:06:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Mallogs Tiger SP
Ridgemount Tom SP
Cefn Sky SP
Dazys Mate SP
Lissies Windfall SP
Holiday Hope SP

9.07 Central Park EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:07:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Steves Sunshine 9/2
Artful Girl 9/2
Lughill Lana 11/8
Drumna Storm 10/3
Tiger Nikki 6/1
Moss Spirit 10/3

9.07 Hove EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:07:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Redstar Poppy SP
Baran Mourinho SP
Lightfoot Costa SP
Castlemary Ruby SP
Brinkleys Maria SP
Gemini Sun SP

9.07 Nottingham EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:07:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Outdoor Bolt SP
Blastoff Boots SP
Midknight Chatty SP
Your My Mate SP
Gulleen Sue SP
Slip The Cash SP

9.07 Peterborough EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:07:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Paradise Bacardi SP
Pennys Nonu SP
Waspinspace SP
Liosgarbh Des SP
Aulton Rumble SP
Snooty Vardy SP

9.07 Poole EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 21:07:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Riverside Oscar 7/2
Pitch Fork 15/8
So Its Thunder 11/4
Sportmans Dillon 7/2
Garryglass Dash 3/1

9.10 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:10:00Win and Each-way | 470m

El Faro SP
Was SP
Drumcrow Troy SP
Gymstar Tumbler SP
Hellroad Allbran SP
Fantastic Diva SP

9.10 Henlow EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 21:10:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Westmead Jo Jo SP
Fernhall Melody SP
Romantic Sheila SP
Mary Annie SP
Johns Lady SP

9.10 Sheffield EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:10:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Peekaboo Spot SP
Broomwell Sniper SP
Broughs Pet SP
Batties Ninja SP
Holy Well SP
Peekaboo Joan SP

9.11 Harlow EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:11:00Win and Each-way | 592m

Lulus Queenie SP
Carrig Dip SP
Avaune Anna SP
Derryhogan Thibo SP
Baileys Baby SP
Safepac Waki SP

9.11 Kinsley EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:11:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Ballymoney Silva SP
Springwell Matty SP
Tintown Tornado SP
Millroad Adios SP
Darkstar Gary SP
Mr Soul SP

9.11 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:11:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Riverside Duke 4/1
Gulleen Champ 9/4
Swift Bullet 10/3
Simple Task 10/3
Dormit In Pace 5/1
Oh Nonono 7/2

9.12 Monmore EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:12:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Steeple Rd Jules 7/2
Leg On 5/1
Trotsky 5/2
Droopys Alabama 4/1
Stellas Vogue 3/1
Galactic Brae 10/3

9.12 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:12:00Win and Each-way | 350m

Aulton Jet SP
Ela Ela Genie SP
Junior Jet SP
Heisman SP
Roxholme Hat SP
Butterbridge Bex SP

9.15 Newcastle EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:15:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Risky Dreamer 5/1
Brindlespotbabe 7/2
Poolie Tommy 7/2
Alnwick Bridge 5/1
Jumeirah Erin 5/1
Amadan Beag 3/1

9.15 Swindon EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:15:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Launch It Rambo SP
Classy Bandit SP
Killacolla Lord SP
Santas Spark SP
Warp Factor One SP
Millbank Alex SP

9.15 Towcester EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:15:00Win and Each-way | 906m

Slippy Maska 9/4
Swift Mask 16/1
Slick Strauss 9/4
Alfie On You Go 20/1
Goldies Hotspur 5/1
Clares Kyletaun 2/1

9.17 Sunderland EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:17:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Pity Me Magic 9/2
Run Jay Run 9/2
Straight Flush 3/1
Fearsome Lunar 11/2
Salmegirl 11/4
Forest Apple 9/4

9.20 Peterborough EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:20:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Fagans Katie SP
Bartley Princess SP
Nownever Mayo SP
Jupiter Jack SP
Farran Act SP
Look Sharp SP

9.20 Romford EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:20:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Halls Charlie SP
Padres Light SP
Christmas Tip SP
Tullycanna Milly SP
Highfly Jack SP
Chopchop Haskins SP

9.22 Central Park EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 21:22:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Insane Boss 5/1
Cyprus George 7/2
Culleen Crash 7/1
Hymenstown Jeff 10/3
Portdriine Crash 4/1
Killuran Clancy 11/8

9.22 Nottingham EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:22:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Capla Ruby SP
Lisnakill Gypsy SP
Haggswood Todd SP
Salacres Canada SP
Haggswood Rodney SP
Kirkfields Dime SP

9.22 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:22:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Ballymac Augusta SP
Cefn Billy SP
Carlas Poppet SP
China Tea SP
Autumn Leyla SP
Ourlittletreat SP

9.22 Poole EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:22:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Salvington Oonah 11/4
Boozed Cannon 5/2
Our Duchess 5/1
Coolhill Baloo 13/2
Droopys Hornets 9/4
Springberry Gem 4/1

9.22 Shawfield EVE (RACE 6)18/11/17 21:22:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Gartcloss Scotty SP
Jokenda SP
Cruise Control SP
Hilldun Hector SP
Wee Nellie SP

9.23 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:23:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Inislosky Sigrun SP
Eowyn SP
Daddy Said So SP
Lacken Gemma SP
Jackapops SP
Quarterland Samy SP

9.24 Crayford EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:24:00Win and Each-way | 540m

Organised Chaos 9/2
North Sea Tiger 3/1
Deecees Oscar 2/1
Swift Leane 5/1
Dani With Aneye 9/2
Phat Buddy 3/1

9.24 Doncaster EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:24:00Win and Each-way | 483m

Luttons Ozzie SP
Unlikely Turbo SP
Aclamon Dodo SP
Millcroft Glory SP
Mongys Ash SP
Boynepark Turbo SP

9.24 Hove EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:24:00Win and Each-way | 285m

Westmead Julie 10/3
Raging Rocket 11/4
Forest Whiskey 10/3
Caras Rosie Jean 10/3
Glencroft Rumble 5/1
Mineola Duke 7/2

9.25 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:25:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Stride On Steady SP
Full Of Money SP
Moscow Boy SP
Bluestone Ken SP
Pennys Bluebell SP
El Sala SP

9.25 Kinsley EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:25:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Achieved SP
Quarylane Daisy SP
Pretty Brave SP
Swiper Todd SP
Peachstreet Jess SP
Octane Jack SP

9.25 Sheffield EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:25:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Derryhogan Tizzy SP
Russanda Ricky SP
Lastracelisa SP
Friskyforwhiskey SP
Varra Brae SP
Surfer Darragh SP

9.25 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:25:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Tambuca SP
Honjuras SP
Lima SP
Ferndale Brae SP
Peaceful Bella SP
Jive Bunny SP

9.27 Harlow EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:27:00Win and Each-way | 238m

Brisbane Water SP
Salems Gabriel SP
Orlando Ana SP
Sign Panic SP
Garrison Popeye SP
Vicarage Prince SP

9.27 Henlow EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:27:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Westmead Rocco SP
Queenie SP
Westmead Zito SP
Ballymac Drumgen SP
Mad Dawg Maddie SP

9.27 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:27:00Win and Each-way | 525m

Droopys Harbour SP
Coolavanny Pet SP
Jumeirah Lolls SP
Tibet SP
Jumeirah Charm SP
Cabra Angel SP

9.30 Monmore EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 21:30:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Domino Jet SP
Klockwork Kasey SP
Headiton Murph SP
Keeleys Boy SP
Whitehouse Mo SP
Supreme Bully SP

9.30 Swindon EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:30:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Clomantagh Elsa SP
Rustle The Bag SP
Mo Curiousgeorge SP
Jet Stream Sky SP
Steeple Rd Jewel SP
Cable Camanchi SP

9.32 Sunderland EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 21:32:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Its Not SP
Ellies Gamble SP
Pine Rio SP
Bumblebee Helena SP
Morgans Mac SP
El Gomez SP

9.32 Newcastle EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:32:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Donegal Dubh 7/2
My Barbarella 4/1
Crooks Feefee 5/1
Scotland Expects 9/2
Marazion Tetra 5/2
Affane Super 5/2

9.34 Peterborough EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:34:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Jinky Jimmy SP
Future Outlook SP
Society Grand SP
Robbies Torres SP
Kippers Angel SP
Driving Me Daisy SP

9.36 Romford EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:36:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Ants Lazer SP
Suppers Ready SP
Ardrahan Rock SP
Cubsy Alba SP
Bennos Blitz SP
To Tone Becks SP

9.37 Nottingham EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:37:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Windy Exova SP
Bonnan Bolt SP
Victoria Jaxx SP
Slaneyside Carly SP
Ballymac Backatu SP
Salacres Fintan SP

9.37 Poole EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:37:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Stumpknocker SP
Loggies Shelby SP
Bear With SP
Kilgar Joe SP
Fake Yoke SP
Weehen SP

9.38 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:38:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Dynasty SP
Coolemount Jayne SP
Lissatouk Alex SP
Lilly Gee SP
Onthewonkyside SP
Mustang Caviar SP

9.39 Central Park EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 21:39:00Win and Each-way | 265m

Excel Blaze SP
Monemore Velvet SP
Glencorbry Mac SP
Tiger Bear SP
Fifthstreetpenny SP
Hollyoak Murry SP

9.39 Kinsley EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:39:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Boherash Corker 3/1
Ross Tom 5/2
Cambridge Diva 6/1
Reidys Joy 10/3
Lowgate Hermione 7/2
Acomb Alvin 7/2

9.39 Shawfield EVE (RACE 7)18/11/17 21:39:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Lisamour SP
Looby Loo SP
Nearestoperfect SP
Macaroon Muzzle SP
Bellissima SP

9.39 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:39:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Blackrose Lassie 11/2
Lakota Fire 5/1
Swift Nando 3/1
Cill Dubh Fire 4/1
Cill Dubh Design 3/1
Riverside Viking 2/1

9.40 Crayford EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:40:00Win and Each-way | 380m

Triangle Heather 7/2
Small Wishes 3/1
Call Him On 9/2
Miss Abbie Rae 3/1
Lagile Spirit 9/2
Paris 11/4

9.40 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:40:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Samcro SP
Cappagh Lorr SP
Josses Boy SP
Lemans Blackgold SP
Roseville Emma SP
Toe The Line SP

9.40 Doncaster EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:40:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Jayvees Star SP
Rathcuala Jennie SP
Tyrap Flybe SP
Bellagio Belle SP
Motor Bar Life SP
Tycoon Rocket SP

9.40 Sheffield EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:40:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Bahamian Sky SP
Broomwell Onyx SP
Milliondollarlad SP
Kalane SP
Burnt Oak Beano SP
Kilvil Skylark SP

9.41 Hove EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:41:00Win and Each-way | 695m

Ascot Harry 4/1
Swift Holly 6/1
Maireads Gem 1/1
Jokeisover 6/1
Dinner Nicosia 7/1
Romeo Speedster 3/1

9.42 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:42:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Highview Noble SP
Hillend Dazl SP
Billys Aim SP
Galboola Hatter SP
Shaneboy Damian SP
Will He Stand SP

9.42 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:42:00Win and Each-way | 750m

Jackeen Flyer SP
Its Rockin Jim SP
Russelena Reggie SP
Searchforahero SP
Cable Bay SP
Lisacaha Brett SP

9.43 Harlow EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:43:00Win and Each-way | 415m

Cong Island SP
Vicarage Zoro SP
Boleyn Debbie SP
Ballymac Aladdin SP
Killoughteen Baz SP

9.44 Henlow EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:44:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Twilight Scarf SP
Orbsen Wave SP
Blue Illusion SP
Maria Jezabelle SP
Westmead Jess SP

9.45 Monmore EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 21:45:00Win and Each-way | 630m

Pointless Paloma 4/1
Droopys Fund 10/3
Andlyns Poppet 3/1
Fabulous Recruit 3/1
Bumblebee Ciana 11/2
Cooladerry Vixen 11/4

9.45 Swindon EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 21:45:00Win and Each-way | 685m

Clondoty Marita SP
Kilane Sassy SP
Kingsmill Loyal SP
Slippy Aisling SP
Pinarello SP
Wi Fi SP

9.45 Towcester EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:45:00Win and Each-way | 906m

Ribble Atom 10/1
Rubys Rascal 5/1
Incredible Flyer 50/1
Shreyas Solitair 20/1
Inch Forward 2/1
Roxholme Magic 2/5

9.46 Sunderland EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 21:46:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Leahs Shane SP
Lissane Road SP
Judge That Boyo SP
Balmoral Maisey SP
Kellymount Cian SP
Devon Dion SP

9.48 Newcastle EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:48:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Wise Wonder 7/2
Kellsboro Moll 9/2
Coloured Galaxy 9/2
Milesian Mecca 4/1
Clares Dream 5/2
Yolo The Link 6/1

9.48 Peterborough EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:48:00Win and Each-way | 620m

Swift Draco SP
Kilcrea Vickie SP
Irenes Act SP
Kilara Pharoah SP
Rushwee Return SP

9.52 Nottingham EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:52:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Salacres Colin SP
Haggswood Snow SP
Minnies Delight SP
Haggswood Delboy SP
Haggswood Millie SP
Tynwald Zena SP

9.52 Poole EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 21:52:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Cloyne Badger 4/1
Southern Holly 5/2
Spoton Lightning 4/1
Sound Plan 9/4
Tetra Tornado 7/2
Our Black Dream 6/1

9.52 Romford EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:52:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Crokers Oscar 10/1
Chopchop Pepsi 15/8
Happy Blue 11/4
Quantum 11/2
Newlawn Dasher 9/2
Black Taranis 9/4

9.53 Kinsley EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:53:00Win and Each-way | 268m

Chico 3/1
Laughil Henry 13/2
Black Swanky 5/2
Apostle 9/2
Mohane Bella 7/2
Weigh In Tully 5/2

9.53 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:53:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Suirview Fenton SP
Colski Zelda SP
Peppy Ragnar SP
Glenavonprincess SP
Blackrose Archie SP
Hoolahan SP

9.54 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:54:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Romeo Treaty 5/2
Lissane Champ 4/1
Autumn Fluent 7/2
Uncle Shay 4/1
Miss Breeze 10/3
Sawn Off Shotgun 7/2

9.55 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:55:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Steely Charm 11/4
Foxy Joice 4/1
Calzaghe Billy 7/2
Boomtown Act 11/4
Bloos Glaisestar 7/1
Nans Land 5/2

9.55 Shawfield EVE (RACE 8)18/11/17 21:55:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Belmur Isolde SP
Rocket Flyer SP
Tangle Molly SP
Coolykereen Usan SP
Notonyournellie SP

9.55 Sheffield EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 21:55:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Peekaboo Flo 9/2
Skiproe Mick 5/1
Pawsforvic 3/1
Caithlins Flyer 3/1
Stanza 5/1
Swift Darius 2/1

9.56 Central Park EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 21:56:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Adventure Bay SP
Clounanna Tara SP
Nice Wood SP
Jumeirah Tara SP
Halo Lady SP
Run On Rigadoo SP

9.56 Crayford EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:56:00Win and Each-way | 380m

Yacht Julie 6/1
Olwinn Prince 11/4
Dashing Today 11/4
Unleashthelegend 4/1
Mineola Yumi 9/2
Melodys Girl 9/4

9.56 Doncaster EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:56:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Tyrap Yuma SP
Explosion Speed SP
Robot Kid Nee SP
Dreams Of Sydney SP
Dower Rocket SP
Lauragh Eagle SP

9.57 Hove EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:57:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Rising Rocket SP
Droopys Affirm SP
Rogue Hurricane SP
Oxted Flyer SP
Swift Coconut SP
Baran Texas SP

9.57 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:57:00Win and Each-way | 575m

Borna Gin SP
Man Twenty One SP
Minor Mike SP
Drive On Tipp SP
Swithins Brae SP
Maireads Spring SP

9.59 Harlow EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 21:59:00Win and Each-way | 238m

Edencurra Quale SP
Vicarage Gem SP
Rough Ascension SP
Hollyoak Reilly SP
Global Lucky SP
Vicarage Duster SP

10.00 Monmore EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:00:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Gotoon Goldenboy SP
Whiteoak Sharp SP
Rushmoor Bob SP
Sugar And Ice SP
Tornaroy Turbine SP
Ballyine Kinsale SP

10.00 Sunderland EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:00:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Supersonic Sky SP
Leathems Legend SP
Blackberry Smoke SP
Lisneal Ralph SP
Conors Bolt SP
Tallow Sky SP

10.00 Pelaw Grange EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 22:00:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Oilwell Whiskey SP
Toddy SP
Wath Jupiter SP
Zoes Manor SP
All Eyes SP
Sub Zero Rhino SP

10.00 Swindon EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:00:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Swampman Shelby 4/1
Private Lassie 7/2
Angry Girl 9/2
Angels Share 5/2
Go On My Son 10/3
Primo Lucky 10/3

10.02 Peterborough EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:02:00Win and Each-way | 435m

What A Joke SP
Colma Major SP
Swanson Jazz SP
Switch Now SP
Knockavahig Mate SP
Headford Noreen SP

10.03 Newcastle EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 22:03:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Jaytee Maverick 3/1
Cappoquin Al 3/1
Masada Makeshift 10/3
Bramble Robson 9/2
Linklucky Cookie 5/1
Gazilly Shay 5/2

10.07 Kinsley EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:07:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Billys Hooter 3/1
Rabbits Snowy 7/2
Old Fort Duke 5/2
Romeo Tension 5/1
Manu Spirit 4/1
Lundhill George 10/3

10.07 Nottingham EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:07:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Mallogs Legend 11/4
Cloheena Gonzo 3/1
Tellhimjohn 3/1
Ballymac Bernice 10/3
Peregrine Billy 4/1
Jumeirah Sienna 11/2

10.07 Poole EVE (RACE 10)18/11/17 22:07:00Win and Each-way | 640m

Southern Eddie 15/8
Headford Godsend 7/1
Loggies Al 4/1
Eskes Blackmagic 13/8
Farran Romeo 3/1

10.07 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:07:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Perfect Eternity SP
Tagalong Rose SP
Suirview Mia SP
Surfer Girl SP
Weavers Girl SP
Hour Glass Snowy SP

10.08 Romford EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:08:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Flawless Prince 5/1
Denville Ned 5/1
Daddys Lil Girl 11/2
Oneco Molly 5/2
Chilli Ash 11/4
Only Duke 9/4

10.10 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:10:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Gurtnacrehy Sean 5/1
Feira Choice 4/1
Outdoor Queen 9/4
Pennys Bubbles 7/2
Blastoff Diaz 11/4
Doonanes Emerald 4/1

10.10 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:10:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Onthedroopyside 7/2
Ballarue Shane 7/2
Mustang Kelly 6/1
Gort Rua 11/4
Mullingar Russel 7/2
Sirius Flash 5/2

10.10 Shawfield EVE (RACE 9)18/11/17 22:10:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Triangle Apache SP
Droopys Vermont SP
Tangle Jet SP
Whos Alfie SP
Coolykereen Next SP

10.10 Sheffield EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:10:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Garryglass Swift SP
Broomwell Joker SP
Brickhill June SP
Brickhill Kim SP
Kaykays Demon SP
Troydale Alex SP

10.11 Crayford EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:11:00Win and Each-way | 540m

Blinky Blobs 9/4
Galtee Elsa 7/2
Diceys Dream 9/2
Tommys Alarm 3/1
Said And Done 4/1
Topper Blaze 4/1

10.11 Doncaster EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:11:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Son Of Matty SP
The Bunnet Toik SP
Overtime Smokie SP
Station Mist SP
Gneeves Lara SP
Clonoulty Jet SP

10.12 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:12:00Win and Each-way | 525m

Holycross Lad SP
Stefans Wee Bro SP
Droopys Noah SP
Hiya Butt SP
Lughill Robbie SP
Buckos Dream SP

10.13 Hove EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:13:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Whatcangowrong SP
Forever Mick SP
Oonahs Grumpy SP
Kilara Cherry SP
Enzo Red SP
Misterin Zippy SP

10.15 Sunderland EVE (RACE 15)18/11/17 22:15:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Swift Carol SP
Crossfield Diane SP
Agile Ethels SP
Balmoral Leonie SP
Mutual Advice SP
Athlacca Parish SP

10.15 Harlow EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:15:00Win and Each-way | 415m

Jake The Jumper SP
Churchfield Doll SP
Lavally Misty SP
Gizmo Queenie SP
Stockers Duchess SP

10.15 Swindon EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:15:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Arnt You Great SP
Droopys Adore SP
Glenvale Jack SP
Townboy Kelly SP
Ballymac Oisin SP
Music Ted SP

10.16 Peterborough EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:16:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Weeber I Yell SP
Stepaway Lady SP
Deja Diablo SP
Beretta Sue SP
Romeo Hero SP
Ashwood Rose SP

10.18 Newcastle EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:18:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Dingo Will 5/1
Pennys Tingle 6/1
Highclere Bowie 11/4
Ballymac Dympna 13/8
Bestreaction 9/2
Head Iton Scoogs 4/1

10.21 Kinsley EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:21:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Tellmenosecrets SP
Bridies Slippy SP
Self Assured SP
Ross Chance SP
The Loner SP
Dixies Gem SP

10.21 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:21:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Sophies Island SP
Suirview Daddy SP
Unknown Fancy SP
Alice Hawthorn SP
Gottabe Glorious SP
Suirview Bernice SP

10.22 Nottingham EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:22:00Win and Each-way | 305m

Salacres Empire 11/4
Roosters Spud 4/1
Nevada 3/1
Daylens Eusebio 5/1
Tynwald Storm 4/1
Alfies Streak 11/4

10.22 Poole EVE (RACE 11)18/11/17 22:22:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Piece Of Ruby SP
Narabane Misty SP
Kuda Miss SP
Ide Ruby Roo SP
Corban Henley SP
Redstone Lace SP

10.24 Romford EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:24:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Droopys Calm 7/2
Jaytee Dave 7/1
Ballymac Leo 15/8
March On Poppie 9/2
Cassies Girl 7/2
Sneezys Rocket 11/4

10.25 Belle Vue EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:25:00Win and Each-way | 470m

Hes Easy SP
O Neill Mcnally SP
Weight For Jay SP
Ascot Gina SP
Fahy Mai SP
Turbo Mouse SP

10.25 Sheffield EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:25:00Win and Each-way | 280m

Millhill Storm SP
Diggers Ozz SP
Townside Star SP
All Time Great SP
Batties Heaven SP
Paulines Jaguar SP

10.26 Crayford EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:26:00Win and Each-way | 540m

Pension Power 11/8
Really O Riley 6/1
Razmataz Toro 5/1
Park Verdy 6/1
Cromac Terror 9/2
Dunton Doglet 9/4

10.26 Doncaster EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:26:00Win and Each-way | 483m

Droopys Aware SP
Cu Sith Peigi SP
Gentleman SP
Kevs Dream SP
Stormy Solstice SP
Rush Hour SP

10.26 Perry Barr EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:26:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Borntobefast SP
Castell Jack SP
Cronody Magic SP
Ballymac Ringo SP
Disprove SP
Wicky Big Rocks SP

10.27 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:27:00Win and Each-way | 550m

Coolavanny Mason SP
Black Farren SP
Clonbrien Hero SP
Kilgraney Ace SP
Frisky Luck SP
Whoops Jack SP

10.30 Sunderland EVE (RACE 16)18/11/17 22:30:00Win and Each-way | 450m

Geordie Mac 5/2
No More Heroes 11/2
Highview Legacy 7/2
Shelby Bobiden 7/4
Ay Up Paul 4/1
Farloe Capri 13/2

10.30 Hove EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:30:00Win and Each-way | 515m

Maireads Jett 7/2
Swift Oran 9/2
Kahara Kev 6/1
Dottie Belle 5/2
Free Passage 4/1
Crossfield James 2/1

10.30 Peterborough EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:30:00Win and Each-way | 435m

Lonesome Midget SP
Westmead Barbara SP
Ballyglen Star SP
Bomber Bernard SP
Do It Dubh SP
Home Rodney SP

10.35 Newcastle EVE (RACE 12)18/11/17 22:35:00Win and Each-way | 480m

Bramble Rush 5/1
Swift Leonard 4/1
Crooks Emporio 6/4
Nothing Ventured 9/2
Pookies Milan 5/2
Time In Havana 7/1

10.35 Kinsley EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:35:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Mucho Macho Max SP
Billy Bantam SP
Yorkshire Rose SP
Fuzzy The Legend SP
Coxgreen Jordan SP
Pennys Coco SP

10.35 Yarmouth EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:35:00Win and Each-way | 462m

Cushie Heart SP
Slaney Best Mate SP
Nellies Baby SP
Pawsome Tigalily SP
Our Boy Dingle SP
Dromana Special SP

10.37 Nottingham EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:37:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Salacres Beyonce SP
Calling Tyler SP
Pointless Broc SP
Salacres Extreme SP
Onikas Ring SP
Swift Falcon SP

10.40 Romford EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:40:00Win and Each-way | 400m

Young Rocket 4/1
Leigh Tori 4/1
To Tone Tas 9/2
True Gladiator 4/1
Chopchop Bloomer 10/3
Troy Bella 2/1

10.40 Sheffield EVE (RACE 14)18/11/17 22:40:00Win and Each-way | 500m

Monamintra Jodie SP
Miss Sophierose SP
Skip It Always SP
Bumblebee Bailey SP
Drumsna Rocket SP
Debbycot Ruby SP

10.42 Shelbourne Park EVE (RACE 13)18/11/17 22:42:00Win and Each-way | 600m

Fast Fit Alex SP
Velvet John Joe SP
Droopys Dargle SP
Ravenna SP
Sonic SP
Murrys Act SP

7.15 Henlow EVE (RACE 4)19/11/17 19:15:00Win and Each-way | 428m

Jet Stream Time 11/10
Dark Recruit 9/2
Salthill Wizard 6/1
Quivers Bliss 12/1
Stringer Bell 3/1
Killoughteen Bob 12/1

7.45 Henlow EVE (RACE 6)19/11/17 19:45:00Win and Each-way | 277m

Liosgarbh Joe 4/1
Lazy Game 4/1
Salthill Vic 4/1
Black Sea 5/2
Toems Lily 7/2
Move Over Donie 10/1

9.00 Henlow EVE (RACE 11)19/11/17 21:00:00Win and Each-way | 550m

Black Toms Brae 7/2
Coolykereen Rake 15/8
Kereight Buster 6/1
Dark Roolar 4/1
Sir Dancealot 7/2
Adamant Connolly 12/1

9.15 Henlow EVE (RACE 12)19/11/17 21:15:00Win and Each-way | 460m

Shaneboy Russell 5/2
Ballyregan Ray 13/2
Idle Talker 4/1
Lost One Dare 7/4
Sullane Royal 14/1
Jims Chance 11/2